Meet the Valiant Voices

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2020-2021 Creative Writing Club

As Valwood’s Creative Writing Club, we seek to highlight the interests and passions of our student body. From poetry to football, we want to encompass the range of interests held by our students. We also seek to promote creativity and the arts within the Valwood community. Poetry, artwork, short fiction, and more is here for the Valwood community to enjoy. Celebrate the talent of our students and enjoy the Valiant Voices!



I’m Emma Lavender, and I’m a junior. As well as being a member of the Creative Writing Club, I love being involved in the Cheer Team and Science Olympiad Team. I’m a co-founder of the Creative Writing Club and the Poetry section editor for Valiant Voices. I hope to get more people involved in poetry and short story writing, and just get more people involved in the club in general. Fun fact: My favorite poet is Robert Frost. 

Hey, I'm Chesley. I'm a junior and a co-founder of the Creative Writing Club, along with Emma Lavender. I'm the head of the Student Life section, and I work the Charity section and the Comic section with Cat Moore. Fun Fact: One summer I worked as a child actress.

I’m Cat, and I am a sophomore. I create the BunBun comic strip and I am the graphic designer the website. I hope to grow my art and as a writer. Fun fact: I watch Sherlock in my free time.

I’m Chloe Lynn Collins, and I’m a junior. I’m excited to grow as a writer and see everything this group can accomplish (and to spend more time with Ms. Teasley).


I’m Hailey Neloms and a junior. I’m responsible for the Announcements section, which lets everyone know about all of the exciting events happening around campus. I hope to provide insight and help bring the Valwood community together. 

Hey, I’m Susanna Shaw and I am a junior. I am the Sports editor, so I'll keep everyone updated about what's happening in the exciting world of Valwood sports. 

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I'm George Tidmore, and I'm a junior at Valwood who heads the Community and Interviews section of Valiant Voices. Fun fact: I speak German.

I'm Hailey Weeks, a freshman, and I help Cat with website design and layout. I also co-write "The Shadows Become People." Fun Fact: I have seven dogs and four cats.

I'm freshman Sophie Keen  and I co-write "The Shadows Become People." Fun Fact: I am not a fan of poetry (but Ms. Teasley is trying to change my mind). 

My name is Rouse Vollotton. I joined Creative Writing Club to have more things to do during the week and to help with the magazine. Fun Fact: I enjoy messing around with computers and not working.

I am Julia Hayes and I'm in the seventh grade. I joined because I have been writing poetry since I was young and I thought it could be a good opportunity to improve. Fun Fact: I play the ukulele.