Order in the Court!


Sign up for Valwood Mock Trial next season to join the greatest team in the school and take part in the excitement. 

Mock Trial provides an accurate perspective of a real court case while making the experience fun. The coach, Mr. Beasley, says that television, books, and internships can not give an insight into the law like Mock Trial. He also agrees that one can be successful without previous knowledge of the law, and students of all capabilities or grades can achieve their goals in it. He believes that participation demands greatness, but still leaves room for participants to have a good time.


Wednesdays and Thursdays are practice days, but Mr. Beasley makes it a point to work around sports and clubs. Sign ups are at the beginning of the school year.  As the season starts in January, practices become more frequent. Most practices take place in Mr. Beasley’s classroom and occasionally in Roger’s Performance Hall or a courthouse. 


Witnesses and attorneys in the case actively compete. Every year there are 12 competing players. This year’s witnesses are Chloe Lynn Collins, Ruby Parish, Anabelle Melendez, Alex Gee, Hannah Ward, and Maggie Mays. The attorneys are Lilia Ward, Lilly Respess, Anna Alvarado, Chesley Wetherington, Thomas Griner, and Catherine Morris. These talented high schoolers led the team to be district runner ups, qualifying them for state. 


Paralegals assist attorneys but are not involved in the competition. Christabel Ofori, a paralegal, had a great time at the competitions and enjoyed dressing up along with watching what was prepared. The experience is still great as long as one stays engaged.


This year’s regional competitions were virtual due to COVID. Mr. Beasley believes that some excitement and part of the atmosphere is lost due to the new format but knows that all of the goals are the same. It is definitely still an enjoyable time.


Participants learn public speaking and self-awareness skills with Mock Trial. The competition forces them to analyze vocal and physical posture and is an honest challenge to intellect. Mr. Beasley says that he has watched wallflowers gain confidence and flourish in past years. 


Mock Trial provides a crucial legal background for those wanting to work as successful legal professionals in the future. It also allows for one to compete statewide against private and public schools, meet new people, and make friends. Participation in Mock Trial looks very good for college, too. 

- Hannah Ward


Valwood 2021-2022

Mock Trial Team

Science Olympiad


Science Olympiad is a statewide competition where multiple students work together and compete against other schools to win medals. The competition gives students an opportunity to apply their love of science in a competitive environment while helping to create teamwork skills. Almost everything that is worked on in the Science Olympiad is taught at school.  Four groups competed this year. Valwood has participated in Science Olympiad competitions for the past 25 years and has been ranked one of the top schools in our region.


Some examples of high achieving projects that have come from Valwood are the tower, anatomy projects, and the highest ranking project, the chemistry lab. Mrs. Owens, the lead instructor for Science Olympiad, expressed her high hopes for the bridge project this year. Valwood competed in the region competition on March 5th at Georgia State University. The team placed 6th and advanced to state. 


The weekend of April 8th through the 10th was a momentous one for the Valiants. Friday, the Valwood students participating in Science Olympiad went off to their competition, which was held at Georgia Tech. Their were 20 different events held on Saturday April 9th. Some of the projects created by our Valiants included tests about birds, and building airplanes and rockets, along with many others. 


The team sadly didn't win anything but did achieve a score of eighteenth overall out of what was said to be close to eight hundred competing schools. Despite their small victory, it is easy to tell that the Valiants' determination will not waver until they can win first place.  Good luck next year, Valiants!

- Heather Parr & Bradley Carter

Literary Competition


Recently a handful of Valwood students competed in this year's literary competition. Annually there is a regional competition and a state competition. At these events there are different competitions such as acting, extemporaneous speaking, essay writing, spelling, quartet, and piano.


The students worked hard for three months to prepare for this competition At region the following students placed first: George Tidmore in boys' solo, George and Chesley Wetherington in acting, Lily Respess for argumentative essay, and Catherine Morris for extemporaneous speech. 


The literary competition benefits Valwood’s participating students by applying critical thinking, repetition, and problem-solving skills. Anyone interested in participating in next year’s competition should contact Mrs. Childree. 


-Mary Todd Parramore