During September, sophomore Lawrence Smith headed up a campaign for Suicide Awareness. The plan started with conversations with his mother about Suicide Awareness Month. Lawrence felt strongly about protecting teens' lives and reminding them of how important and special they are. He brought his initial plan of hosting some talks about suicide awareness and prevention, and Ms. Blanton helped him to formulate the bracelet idea. Lawrence is thankful that he was given the opportunity to spread this important message to the people at Valwood. He acknowledges that the conversation around suicide is very sensitive, but he thinks he adressed the issue well. Please remember that your life is valuable, and you have a wonderful life ahead of you. The number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 800-273-8255. -- Chesley Wetherington

Craig and Madison Shaprio are hosting a drive for Afghans. The Shapiros were prompted to do something for the refugees after learning about generosity at church. They had heard about the Afghans and wanted to do something to help. They collected pedialyte, blankets, jackets, and winter hats. The Shapiros' mom is employed at Moody, and she will take all of the goods collected there to be shipped out. So far, the Shapiros have had an awesome turnout with donations. Every office area is filled with goods for the Afghans.

--Chloe Collins