Your Mother

Part 1



The wind felt cold and sharp as it ran through my lungs. It pierced my throat as I searched for an answer. I didn’t understand what was happening or else I would’ve helped her. I would’ve looked for her first. Made sure she was still beside me in our smashed car. All I could think about, though, was the constant blaring of the horn and the soft touch of an air bag caressing my face. I didn’t hear anything else until I was in a hospital bed. I saw dark and then teleported to a dreary room with one lonesome window and a breathing tube. My attention was immediately drawn to the sharp pain in my wrist. 


Was I still in the car? Did something break away and stab me? 


It was an IV. I realized that the whispers I had been hearing were doctors assessing my condition. I came to and attempted to clear up my confusion.


Reaching for the doctor, I demanded to be filled in on what had happened . I wanted to know why I was here, what happened to the cars, and where my daughter was. A tall man with a stethoscope quickly calmed me down. He reassured me that I was receiving proper help and that the cars would be handled, but a quizzical look appeared on his face when I mentioned my daughter. He couldn’t seem to answer any of my questions about her, so I shooed him away and tried to find people who would have the answers I needed. My husband approached me and I questioned him about Gracie. 


He didn’t know where she was. I explained to him that she was with me in the car during the wreck, but he said that was impossible. At this moment, I didn’t understand why but I know now. 


My husband called in a burly man in a uniform. His badge was shiny and there was a gun on his belt. He started asking me questions but I just wanted to know where my daughter was. I asked him about Gracie repeatedly but he didn’t answer my question. I yelled at him with all of my might. I told him that I was with her in the car when the wreck occurred. I stated everything I remembered. I gave details and practically went on a rant. He replied in a soft, delicate voice. The officer mumbled words that let me know that I was the only person found at the scene. My heart dropped and my spine shivered. 


Where was she?

- Christabel Ofori and Hannah Ward