Piles to Go Before I Sleep

    Eyes slowly open as the pastel orange sunlight warms the face of many; birds sing as some smile to rise graciously from bed. This scene is the beauty of waking up every morning, but not so for high schoolers. Obnoxious alarms go off at unreasonable, early times after long, late nights of drinking gallons of coffee while trying to keep eyes open to study. As those eyes are forced open they have a flashback of all the homework they weren’t able to finish the night before. This morning routine is normal for high school students. While studies from the Webmd show that the average teen needs to get 8-10 hours of sleep, many students’ sleep schedules are way off from that statistic. 

   When polled, not one Valwood student hand was raised when asked if they were happy with the amount of homework. Every single student was found to be stressed by the workload and would greatly appreciate receiving homework passes. Every student said that they were in an after- school activity; the average time spent on homework each night was two to three hours. This situation leaves no time for students to do what they please.

   All teachers have said that their students are doing great on keeping up with 

homework, but on some occasions, they are missing or turn in late assignments. Teachers said that they would be open to the idea of homework passes, and have ideas of how they would allow students to earn them. One teacher said if the student’s overall grade was above average they could receive a homework pass. Another teacher thinks that if the student turns in homework regularly they could earn a pass. Students and teachers are ready to give this homework idea a try. 

    What do you think about the idea of homework passes? Send us your thoughts.

Catherine Morris