we Humble ourselves before the sky
yet send our rockets flying high
we Undermine our fellow man
while giving others a helping hand
we March our troops across the borders
then we place our latte orders
we Ask forgiveness of the forest
as we chop and burn and pulp mercilessly
we Never back down
and yet we cry

we are HUMAN
we can never fail
we are HUMAN
we take what we want
we are HUMAN
we capture, we seize
we are HUMAN

but our Nature we cannot see

-Chesley Wetherington

Add lime to acid 


Thinly outlined

Thinking out of line 


I rub vinegar over salt 

to taste your residual stalagmites 

Stalactites, what was 

ever the difference?


Add lime to acid,

lemon to our bases

Run the bases 


Draw a line in the sand

graze the fine coral powder 

praise the borders made 

line it out, unline, align

-George Tidmore

creo que soy yo
cuando miro a la mar
me pregunto si

—Chesley Wetherington