Living United

Living united.... 

Living a lie.

We are divided by color, politics, and even

the color of the sky.

A sickness had come upon us.

Burred into our bones.

Self-pity, superiority, prejudice, and pride

are just a few symptoms.

More are listed on the side.

We are united...

United in judgement.

United in the 

Us Vs. Them


So focused on 


We are united...

United in disrespect.

Giving the phrase

"Freedom of speech" a


Hitting eject on using 


United in Sickness.

United in Judgment.

United in Disrespect.

Truly...we are Living United?

--Catriona Moore


Strangers to me then,

Strangers to me now.

That's what I tell myself.

But the truth is...

I've always been best friends

with the voices in my head

and the demons in my bed.