Madame Lalaurie 

Did you ever meet Delphine,

with skin as pale as a cloud,

eyes as brown as the earth.

Her touch was delicate,

as was her smile,

dark hair pinned and perfect. 

A gracious host

and a godly woman,

Did you ever meet Delphine?


Did you ever meet Delphine,

who dripped poison from her lips,

whose pale hands bruised dark necks,

screams echoed from the walls.

Blood stained wallpaper,

chains rattled and strained ceaselessly. 

A bright, clear grin,

and a diseased mind.

Did you ever meet Delphine?


Chesley Wetherington


Dreams about you,

Make the stars feel near,

And the Earth sound mute.




Marigold was a wife

Marigold was a child

Marigold thought her life

Was normal if anything but mild

Marigold watched her husband

Whom she barely ever knew

Bring home several students

When she brought up going to school

He brought the girls up to his room

He shut and locked the door

And Marigold would drop the broom

And lay in regret on the floor

She never went outside 

Except for one day in the rain

It was then she found the knife

And wondered if it would stop the pain

Eventually he was caught 

The police showed up at the door

And she was not even distraught

She even told them about the floor

They could not find her husband

They searched all through the house

And finally they gave up

Not even a crumb or even a mouse

She offered them a pie 

That she had baked before they came

They cops said yes and took the pie

And went back from when they came

Marigold sat and sipped her tea

Without an ounce of regret

She thought it was only fair

To give them who they came to get

Haley Taylor

Love is a Headache

Love is a headache,

It lasts for a decade.

An unbreakable chain,

It only deranges you.

Love in its heyday,

Can only decay.

Our love is a headache,

It's lasted for a decade.

Julia Hayes