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Valwood Boys Basketball

The 2022 season for the Valwood boys basketball was a banger. The 11:9 team was led by Coach Andy Stamschror.

"They are pretty good overall," says Stamschror. "We had a successful start, but we were unbalanced at the end."

The team made it to region this year.

-Mason Barfield





Valwood Girls Basketball


The Valwood girls basketball 2022 season didn't go as planned.

"We have a young team with room for improvement, and we'll build in the future," Coach Stamschror said. "The girls improved from last year, though."

The girls ended their year with a record of 3:13 and are already looking forward to next year.

-Mason Barfield


For the Love of the Game

The tennis season is wrapping up soon, and there is so much to know. For some players, the season ends on April 18th or 19th. The rest will finish on April 28th with the State Team Tournament. Both teams have a chance to win region and advance far into the state tournament. So far, the girls are undefeated, and the boys are 4:1. The biggest win for the girls this year was Brookwood. The boys’ best victory was against TiftArea. The skill level of the players this year is quite high due to the fact that 10 seniors play on the teams.


Howell Burns, George Tidmore, and Brayden Bradshaw are having an exceptionally good year, along with Bella Shaw and Rebecca Moody. 


The future of the tennis courts is bright, too. Coach Brian Breland is adamant that they get refurbished as soon as possible. He plans to continue coaching the team as long as he is at Valwood. According to Breland, this is a special season for both teams and he would like spectators to come support the team whenever they can.

-Hannah Ward