Student Life

Valwood high school students are getting extremely excited for prom which is right around the corner!

 This year, Valwood’s prom will take place on April 9, 2022 at Valwood’s Rogers Performance Hall (RPH). It will last from 7:00 to 11:00 pm. The senior walk will take place the day of prom at 8 pm. According to Mrs. Vallotton, the senior walk “is where seniors line up with their prom dates and walk through the middle of RPH.” During this time, prom king and queen will be announced. When asked how elected, Mrs. Vallotton stated that “king and queen will be voted on with ballots.” The theme of Valwood's 2022 prom is Grecian Gardens. In her interview, Mrs. Vallotton revealed that the prom would be decorated with “lots of royal blue, white columns, and ivy.” According to Mrs Vallotton, Mrs. Hammett and Mrs. Ward came up with this theme. Most of the students who attend prom are juniors and seniors, but Mrs. Vallotton says that “all of the high school is allowed.” Tickets are twenty dollars per couple. Prom t-shirts are also being made. Mrs. Vallotton thinks that these shirts are “really awesome” and that everyone should purchase one. The shirts are fifteen dollars, and all students should see Mr. Beasley to buy one. Mrs. Vallotton hopes prom will turn out well. She expects there to be 100 people or 50 couples attending. When asked what food would be available at prom, Mrs. Vallotton said there would be an extensive dessert bar along with drinks such as sodas and water. There will also be a “fabulous DJ” this year who will be taking song requests. Prom is expected to be a blast!



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